By Marilyn Dyck, staff writer

Prairie Grass Film Challenge

The fifth annual Prairie Grass Film Festival award ceremony saw a lot of “firsts” last Friday night in the BJ Haan auditorium.

The ceremony, hosted by Mark Volkers and Mark Verbruggen, featured a new high school category award, a live band, and hundreds of balloons that fell from the ceiling.  

There were 25 films that were submitted this year, and at the beginning of the awards they showed a one minute video with clips from all the films entered.

All the contestants were required to make a comedy film that included the same line of dialogue in their scripts, which was “How many times have we done this?” 

In addition to the “best of show” and “runner up” awards, they added a “best of show” award in a high school category. 

The top two films in the high school category were shown with A Different Drum productions film winning “best of show” in the first high school category. 

Next, the top four films in the college level were shown. Paper Route Productions took the runner up prize, though none of the members were there to take it.

Paragon Productions took the Best of Show in the college level, and the whole group was there to claim the check and the coveted “Dordty” award. 

This group won once before and when asked if they had any advice for future film makers they all agreed that you have to have fun with it. 

The award ceremony came to a close with hundreds of balloons falling down from the ceiling.